• Interior, decorations
  • Grilled sausages and mashed potato
  • Meatballs with eggs and dip on the side
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Our History

Drake O'Neill's Irish American Pub

Like a lot of you, I have spent a lot of time traveling, often for my work in the restaurant business, sometimes for pleasure. Travel takes us away from family, friends, and loved ones. Still, we seek a connection when we’re away from home, a place to converse, to share good food and drink, to experience something that feels almost like home.

I have always gotten this feeling inside a locally owned Irish pub. A friendly greeting, a smiling face, a raise of a pint; all to let you know you are welcome. I’ve found that whether in St. Louis, Chicago, San Francisco, Boise, Idaho, or right here in Minnesota, I’ve always been able to strike up a friendly conversation, enjoy good food, and savor a cold beer in an Irish pub. The people I’ve met and the friendly environment that are the hallmarks of an Irish pub are what inspired me to create that kind of place for travelers and local residents alike. This is why we opened Drake O’Neill’s Irish American Pub.

Drake O’Neill is my grandson. He is the son of a firefighter, from a family of firefighters. At Drake O’Neill’s, we will honor all public servants: firefighters, police officers, paramedics, our active and retired military service members. Drake O’Neill’s will be a place where our pledge is to give you great service and recognize those who have served all of us.

Whether you live a mile or a thousand miles away, come and enjoy the welcoming environment at Drake O’Neill’s. Say hello to a patron or our staff. Enjoy the food, the beverages, and the music. We hope that while you’re here, the day’s troubles will be behind you, and it’ll feel almost like home.